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Application and Tech Notes

NEW Miga iNITIator-062 Data Sheet (1.8 MB, *.pdf)
NEW Miga S125 Data Sheet (1.0 MB, *.pdf)
NEW Miga T220 Data Sheet (1.4 MB, *.pdf)
NEW Miga Adrenaline™.pdf (783 KB, *.pdf)
MigaOne™ Application Notes (4.0 MB, *.pdf)
MigaOne™ Data Sheet (1.5 MB, *.pdf)
Dash4™ Data Sheet (1.5 MB, *.pdf)
Miga Analog Driver (MAD-V5) Tech Note (0.7 MB, *.pdf)
Miga NM70R-6P Data Sheet (1.1 MB, *.pdf)
Tech Note: Driving the NM70R-6P with the MAD-V5 (0.2 MB, *.pdf)
Complete NanoMuscle NM70 and Rotary Actuator Package (3.3 MB, *.zip)

Movies (can also be viewed on YouTube)

MigaOne Actuating in Liquid Nitrogen (5.4 MB, Quicktime *.m4v file)
DM01 vs Bowling Ball Movie (7.4 MB, Quicktime *.mov file)
Automotive Louver Application Movie (8.0 MB, Quicktime *.mov file)
Prototype Pneumatic Actuator Replacement (1.9 MB, Quicktime *.mov file)
Silent NanoMuscle Powered Bug Movie (1.3 MB, Quicktime *.mp4 file)
MigaOne Demo 10 & 22V Movie (2.0 MB, Quicktime *.mp4 file)
NM70-Rotary w/Fan 3V Movie (1.8 MB, Quicktime *.mp4 file)
M1 Prototype Binary Latch Movie (1.5 MB, Quicktime *.mp4 file)

Tutorials and Guides

MigaOne Arduino Tutorial (0.5 MB, *.pdf)
Comparison Chart of SMA to Other Actuators (0.2 MB, *.pdf)

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